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By drawing on my background and networking with a number of other consultants I am able to offer a full range of consultancy services

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Burum, 10a Stryd y Plas, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL551RR
(01286) 662906 | post@burum.cymru

About Us

Adding “burum” or yeast to the raw materials in the kitchen or brewery results in a reaction that leads the prodcut to take on a different taste, shape or size.

And that is Burum’s aim – to shape or adapt an organisation so that it results in an outcome that is superior to what would have taken place otherwise.

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- Feasibility Studies
- Community development – building and developing capacity
- Consumer and industrial surveys
- Market, sector and supply chain analyses
- Strategic and business planning
- Land use planning and regeneration
- Resource and Grant Acquisition
- Policy, programme and project evaluation
- Welsh Language Impact Assessments

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